Whoa, whoa, okay. That was so stupid, Grandpa hit him with the car. Thanks a lot, kid. This is more serious than I thought. Apparently your mother is amorously infatuated with you instead of your father. Hey.

Good evening, I’m Doctor Emmet Brown, I’m standing here on the parking lot of- Hey Dad, George, hey, you on the bike. You’re gonna be in the car with her. No, Biff, you leave her alone. On the night I go back in time, you get- Doc.

Yeah. The storm. Your, your right. Just relax now Calvin, you’ve got a big bruise on you’re head. Einstein, hey Einstein, where’s the Doc, boy, huh? Doc

Believe me, Marty, you’re better off not having to worry about all the aggravation and headaches of playing at that dance. Why that’s me, look at me, I’m an old man. Nothing, nothing, nothing, look tell her destiny has brought you together, tell her that she’s the most beautiful you have ever seen. Girls like that stuff. What, what are you doing George? Uh, well, I haven’t finished those up yet, but you know I figured since they weren’t due till- Who?